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Be A Radio Guest

Want to be a guest on our radio show? All you have to do is fill out a form and we will get in touch with you. You can host your own guest show on any topic that you like. 

We aim to provide you with a platform that is well-rounded and gives you the space you need to voice your own opinions and knowledge. You don’t have to host a radio show every day. 

If you just want a guest spot then we offer that as well. This way you will not have to commit to being a full-time radio show host and you can use the guest spot to convey what you want to. 

Of course, the timing and day will depend on the slots that we have available. We will let you know this beforehand so that you can prepare your material and be ready on the day we can schedule you. 

If there is something extraordinary you have to offer to our listeners then please specify that as well so we can have a fruitful working relationship with you. We have to keep some transparency so that we can know what you want to do on your radio show. 

What are you waiting for then? If you know something and you think you have something great to offer to our listeners then be a guest on our radio show. 

Fill our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a spot. 

Thank you for your interest in hosting your own show on Spirit Radio Networks.
Please complete the below form and we will be in touch with you when we are able to schedule you. Thank you!

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